Everybody started somehow. Here is my story.



My first car.

This was my first car ever! It was Škoda Felicia Combi. Well, it worked... A was able to get from A to B. Nice memories. Dog at the picture was Ben. He died back in 2010. :( 

First Car - Škoda Felicia


Professional Taxi Driver.

This is my first job related to cars. I fell in love with this Audi A6. That was the moment I realized that I would own an Audi. I was employed by Tick Tack Taxi back in the days. They did not pay me well. The car was not mine, but overall, it was a very good experience!

Taxi Driver


Network Quality Tester.

I had some health issues, so I decided to seek employment with a large corporation. That's how I started as a Network Quality Tester at T-Mobile Czech Republic. It was a wonderful job, somewhat similar to driving a car for Google Maps, but my role was to measure the quality of the operator's network. Thanks to this job, I have been literally to every corner of Czechia. Every road. Every town. Every street. The only places I didn't cover were pedestrian areas, as I couldn't take the equipment there with me.

Network Quality Tester


Uber driver.

I tried being an Uber driver when they came to Prague. I bought this shabby Škoda Fabia. The next month, they lowered their rates. Since then, I've disliked the company. I lost money, but in a way, it was beneficial as I improved my English and met many customers. This also marked the beginning of Driveczech - Your Personal Driver. I did some upsells sometimes and we went to places like Český Krumlov or Karlovy Vary. Since I was still employed at T-mobile, it was just a weekend job for me. I rented this car, but it was a mistake... It's okay. I tried to do my best. I decided to hire some drivers I knew from Tick Tack Taxi, and they paid me a commission for every ride they got through my website. My first customer was from Deloitte, and they were so satisfied that I decided to continue with my new business - Driveczech.

UBER Driver


First brand new car. Wow.

The year 2019 was the best. I bought a Ford Tourneo Custom L2, which was a really spacious car! I was able to explore tourist sites in Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, and also Hungary. I also spent a week in Italy and saw Venice! It was an awesome year!

However, in 2020, covid came suddenly just before the start of the season. We already had trips booked for almost a whole year in advance. We had to return all the money and lost a lot of money in card payment fees. That's when I lost almost everything.

My first brand new car. Ford Tourneo Custom


I wanted Audi.

So, I decided to become a stockbroker. It went well, and I was able to make some money, so I bought my dream car. I know I initially wanted an A6, but the A7 is much better. And that sound? Ahh, I miss that car. :(

Driveczech was struggling in 2021. We had almost no jobs. We wanted to create a new website design, but the programmer, a friend of my partner, literally destroyed our website and was unable to fix it. Consequently, my partner and I decided to end our partnership because I wanted to focus on luxury transportation, and he wanted to focus on leisure vans.

Audi A7 Sportback


Driveczech turned into luxury brand.

Driveczech has transformed into a luxury brand by offering three distinct classes of transportation services, each tailored to meet the highest standards of comfort, style, and luxury.

These tailored services reflect Driveczech's commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury transportation experiences, catering to a range of client needs and preferences. 

Learn more about my company Driveczech here.

Driveczech First Class Service


Hire me for €1000 per day. 
Max. 850 km / 529 mi.

Start anytime in Prague.
At your service till midnight.